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Trumpeter VIIc 1:48 (static)

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    Despite my initial intention to build the kit as is, I keep on adding details and modify the interior. I completed the segment of the lower pressure hull. The first segment got ribbing with styrene T-profiles. The front segment was a bit of a battle. Bending 1 mm styrene sheet, getting everything in shape in three dimension.....but now it looks O.K.. The front segment ill get ribbing, too.

    Undecided what to o with the push rod for the bow planes. The model has placed it in the center line, but know there is a keel plate. The original plans do not help either...I guess I'll route it behind the keel.

    Here some details of the front section of the pressure hull floor and the ribbing:


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      You are doing a really good job on the model. I have this kit and was hoping someone would post a "progress build" so I could see what it is like to build it. Keep up the good work.




      • #18
        Torpedo tubes in the making. Basic paint is on. The gray was enhanced using a gray filter. Now working on accentuating the relief using washes of various shades. Then some wear and tear....

        The addition to the pressure hull is done. I added the T-ribbing and the stuffing box for the feedthrough of the push rod for the bow planes. Then some fantasy plumbing to get everything a bit more realistic. BAsic paint is on.....


        • #19
          Slow progress, because a plethora of details has to be taken care of......lots of accentauting, aging, weathering. But the lower two sections of the torpedo room are almost done:

          Getting the details of the torpedo tubes more vivid using black wahses:


          • #20
            The front bulkhead with the torpedo tubes is assembled. The hatches for the tubes lack detail. The hand wheel for the locking mechanism and the handle are only embossed. So I made handles from .5 mm diameter brass and added some photo-etched hand wheels. The embossed structures are sanded off and now I like it much better:

            One hatch will be left open to show a loaded torpedo:


            • #21
              Gettimng there with the bow torpedo room....


              • #22
                Would the surface inside the torpedo tubes and door be brass color as with no paint?


                • #23
                  Here's how it looks in the last surviving VIIc


                  • #24
                    Problem is how to get him to do one for me.


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                      O.K., bow torpedo room is pretty much done. The kit is lacking detail around the torpedo hatches. There is no inner structure whatsoever, so I have to build that on my own. Using a contour gauge I start by making the bow bulkhead out of 1 mm styrene.


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                        Still working on the inner structure for the bow. I've added the bulkheads, struts and plates to form ballast tank 5, which was located in the bow around the torpedo tubes. On top of the tank was the anchor winch and the air release valve. Those will be added later. In the tank, between the tubes , was the box for the anchor chain. I fabricated the box out of styrene.

                        With anchor winch, spare torpedo compartment, compressed air botlle it starts to look like something....
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                          Working on the muzzle doors of the torpedo tubes. They are equipped with PE hatches from a set by
                          Quite tricky getting them soldered together. But together with the actuation push rods they look quite nice.


                          • #28
                            Continuing with adding details around the muzzle door and the vent valve:

                            The vent valve is a knee shaped exhaust and it will get a hatch and the actuation mechanism:

                            For those who are interested ho the venting system on a VIIc worked, here's a nice picture:

                            And everything still fits nicely in the hull:


                            • #29
                              Almost finished with the bow structure. Added the bulkheads for the forward buoyancy tank. A tank that surfaced is above the waterline and which helps to limit the bow cutting into heavy seas. When submerged, this tank is vented like a standard ballast tank.

                              I've also reworked the supports fr the compressed air bottle that was located in the buoyancy tank, to make them a bit more like 3D objects and not just flat pieces of styrene.


                              • #30
                                This is amazing stuff, Andreas. You've taken a fine kit and made that a starting-point. I'm following this thread with great interest and appreciation, sir.

                                "... well, that takes care of Jorgenson's theory!"