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Trumpeter VIIc 1:48 (static)

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    Hi Dr,
    fantastic build.....
    Only an observation ( I don't know if you are in time to correct, or if all is fixed on the hull...). See the posted images: the drive motor and hydraulic controls for hydroplanes were fixed on the floor of pressure hull, and not on the floor of the reserve torpedoes hold; furthermore the floor of this reserve torpedoes hold don't reach the front part of pressure hull, but it was shorter...
    Anyway, these are details....your model is an inspiration for me...


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      You are right. The kit actually had no bottom on the pressure hull. So I added that. But you are right, In did not reconfiguarte the floor of the torpedo hild. That would have beed a quite extensive change. So I made a compromise.....


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        Still wrapping up the officers rooms and the battery deck, but I also started on the structure for the control room. The lower decks section is completely wrong again and a mere copy of the CMK resin kit for the 1:72 Revell VIIc. The control room floor has a second floor called Bilge, where waste water accumulates. The front part of the lower deck is part of the bow fuel oil tank. Then comes ballast tank 3, followed by the aft fuel bunker. The ballast tank has been enhanced by additional bulkheads and pressure tight end caps (3D printed). The Bilge was modeled using styrene. A bit of weathering and that thing looks like something....

        A scratch built detail in the ammo bunker below the officers rooms: A shelf for aluminum ammo boxes. The boxes were CAD-modeled, 3D-printed, than a silicon mould was taken and the boxes reproduced using resin. Thee frame of the shelf is styrene again:


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            Rough test fitting of the components for the control room:


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              I always enjoy seeing what comes next but I wonder what you do in your spare time.


              • #52
                Music.....I make music when I'm not at work or bild models.


                • #53
                  Another update...doesn't look like much but the details eat away the time. Control room floor and ballast tank are almost done. The bow bulkhead of the control room is almost done too (just some hand wheels missing).

                  Still some work on the officers room. Keel has been closed and the bow oil tank got it's black color. Next is the LEDs in the ceiling and then just some touch up work.


                  • #54
                    Bravo! You are doing an amazing job on this model. I would hope that you would come up with a upgrade package for those that want the extra details, but I am sure that would be time consuming. Keep up the fantastic work!
                    If you can cut, drill, saw, hit things and swear a lot, you're well on the way to building a working model sub.


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                      Fantastic work: awesome !!!!


                      • #56
                        Control room starts to look like something: