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  • Originally posted by He Who Shall Not Be Named View Post

    Who are you asking? If me -- only a few I built, the rest I assembled from kits.

    Yeah right.
    Make it simple, make strong, make it work!


    • Ho ho ho,,. What he said!


      • Originally posted by HardRock View Post
        Ho ho ho,,. What he said!
        What Scott and Bart are doing is pure model BUILDING -- purest form of the Craft. But, when a kit is glued together, it's ASSEMBLING; when Scott does a ROMEO or ZULU and Bart does an AKULA it's BUILDING.

        When I slap one of Scott's ZULU kits together its ASSEMBLING.

        I've got 15 operational r/c submarines, and 20 more on the wall in various stages of assembly. All but one of those is assembled. I hate these stupid, vacant words, when shown an assembled kit: "Hey! Look what I built!"

        We got a language here, people. Use it!

        "... well, that takes care of Jorgenson's theory!"


        • I daresay there is a gray area to consider when using the terms (if we're being sticky). I created a functional ALVIN from the FX Models kit, which would make me an assembler, however, aside from the shell, everything else needed to be constructed from scratch, including the internals, detail pieces, running hardware, etc.

          I'd suggest that this buildup, and many others out there, would be considered a "buildembly" or perhaps an "assuild"?


          • Someone has opened an intersting point here, one I've had a lot of discussions (arguments) with buddies with over the years.

            To take my recent Skipjack build, outer hull, tower, rudders, dive planes all supplied by kit maker or after market supplier. WTC self designed and scratchbuilt, with off the shelf electronic a mish mash of kit/scratch/modified. Am I an assembler, scratchbuilder, modifier, butcher, some hybrid of all of these. On the surface it's an assembled kit, under the skin it's a scratch/modified thingy!

            In the case of this build, on the surface it's completely a scratch build (amazing stuff), under the skin it's a modified kit supplied WTC, so what is it in totality!

            My own description for myself would be a Scratch-Asser.................the other way arounnd is even worse!!!!!!!!!!

            The Boattrainman

            (might need a new thread for this one)

            ''We're after men, and I wish to God I was with them........!''


            • David,
              While I get your point, I disagree with your argument. We seem to come to this every couple of years or so....back in 2012 I typed this

              According to Merriam-Webster (not Merriman)

              transitive verb
              : to form by ordering and uniting materials by gradual means into a composite whole : construct

              : to cause to be constructed

              : to develop according to a systematic plan, by a definite process, or on a particular base

              : increase, enlarge

              Here are examples used by Merriam-Webster:
              Examples of BUILD
              • The bridge was built in the 1890s.
              • The planes were built in Germany.
              • The organization helps build houses for poor families.
              • A family of birds has built a nest on our roof.
              • She started building a fire in the fireplace.
              • He built a model airplane from a kit. (emphasis mine)"

              If you can cut, drill, saw, hit things and swear a lot, you're well on the way to building a working model sub.


              • Does this all means that we are all artists?

                Practical wisdom is only to be learned in the school of experience.
                "Samuel Smiles"


                • Oh Dear God...I'm a long way away but I'm not sure I'm safe.