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U-552 Trumpeter 1/48 static

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  • #46
    Work in progress....


    • #47
      Now I'm working on some inside conning tower equipments, starting from UZO; in posted photos the kit piece and the head of my one.
      I'm not totally satisfied, but it's starts looking good..


      • #48
        You're doing great work, not sure some of that detail would last on my R/C model.

        From the angle of the first photo, not sure if the UZO is in line with the two scopes as it should be or is it off-set to port. I had a major job to rectify this as many kit and upgrade manufacturers persist with this mistake.

        From my photos etc. the UZO has to be in the dead centre, see the below for more details.

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        ''We're after men, and I wish to God I was with them........!''


        • #49
          Hi Boattrainman,
          the first photo is not my model....I know UZO was in central position, and not offset to port ( the Wolfpack article is my bible....), as in posted photo...
          It will be very difficult to modify the photoetched deck, but surely I'll do...

          P.S. : I'm remaking by scratch the handle ring on UZO head, too much flat in photoetched part, with a plasticard rod one...


          • #50
            UZO finished...


            • #51
              Terrific work!
              ''We're after men, and I wish to God I was with them........!''


              • #52
                I'm now working on attack periscope mounting...
                I don't like very much the photoetchings features: they are too much flat; I prefer use plasticard...


                • #53
                  Work in progress....


                  • #54
                    Not yet finished, but it starts to look something...


                    • #55
                      Still working on conning tower elements...
                      In the last photo is visible the wrong position of UZO on photoetched deck: I don't know exactly how modify the photoetched deck: opinions welcome....


                      • #56
                        Completed also the pressure conning tower cap....
                        Now I'm working on inside conning tower walls; Trumpeter repetaed the Revell's errors, and so, inexplicably, the air inlets ducts are less wie then the outside I decided to enlarge the ducts...
                        I also removed the plastic vertical planks from inside tower walls, because I want to do them from wood, as real....
                        Stay tuned....


                        • #57
                          Awesome scratch building. How did you form the domed conning
                          tower Cap? Hollow out curve or form curve?


                          • #58
                            Hi Scott,
                            the domed conning tower cap is a piece from kit; unfortunately I did'nt take a photo of the piece before starting to modify it, but it was very poor, wrong in curvature ( too much prominent ) and without any particular ( see the photo I posted, taken from Trumpeter's site )....