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want to start my first ever scratch build.

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  • want to start my first ever scratch build.

    Howdy guys. First post on here so hope all you salty old regulars will spare me some mercy! ' I have been enjoying converting some of the smaller plastic kits to R/C for a couple of years now, most recent being revells class 214.

    Ive worked with fibreglass for other projects a bit in the past and have got the sub bug big time now and want to embark on my first large scratch build. With the very recent happenings in Argentina I thought what better way to honour the now presumed lost crew by building a large scale TR1700 San Juan.

    The plan is to do this at 1/35 scale which puts the length at roughly 1.8m. Not too big to pose transport problems but big enough to have much more presence in the water than the little plastic kits. (and likely much more presence on my wallet with kitting it out)

    I have found only a couple of detailed plans on the net for the TR1700 but none that contain any cross sectional hull drawings. I have a plan in mind of building a master hull plug on a 2 meter long alloy square tube, (square because the formers will then be self aligning). Place the cross sections at the appropriate point on the tube, fill the gaps with blue foam and start sanding to shape.

    As it stands at the moment all I have is a nice shiny looking square tube in the workshop! Is there anyone out there that has decent blueprints of this sub?

    Thanks for any help and advice. Always much appreciated.


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    Click image for larger version

Name:	piv9cSz.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	cinar_041.jpg
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      Regards Gantu


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        Regards Gantu


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          Some nice reference photos there cheers mate. Thing looks huge compared to the old 209 next to it! Itching to start sanding some foam


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            Regards Gantu


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              Thanks. I already have a copy of that plan. You can clearly see the drawing is marked for bow to stern cross sections but for some reason there not included on the plan. They are the missing piece that is holding me up.