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Little Something I've been working on...

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  • Little Something I've been working on...

    Hello all, new member here so be gentle!
    Been working on a project for a little while and thought I would drop a photo of progress so far :)


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    OK. Pretty picture. Now what?

    "... well, that takes care of Jorgenson's theory!"


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      Yeah, what is it? Tech exercise or something you are building. Impressive pic.
      ''We're after men, and I wish to God I was with them........!''


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        This is a scale model Los Angeles Class Submarine with the ASDS sub (see this if unfamiliar: .
        Approx. 48" length once completed.

        I've been working on this project for roughly two years. This will be a fully functional unit, but not in the traditional sense. This submarine is equipped with a live video feed from the sail. Submarine is equipped with multiple closed-loop control systems via encoders and rotary potentiometers, controlled by an Arduino Mega. The ASDS submarine is attached to the primary submarine via a spoolable tether and carries Serial/Video feeds (max dive depth/tether length = 30 feet). ASDS contains the radios and has its own drive motor for speed matching the primary submarine. Uses a piston diving system similar to those provided by engel but with a smoother ballast tube and stabilizing rod, which allows for more energy-efficient ballast control.
        Also has a secondary control system that can override the primary system in event of arduino mega failure/water penetration into one of the airtight sections.

        Sub is controlled via ground station software currently in development (written in C#). Will display submarine information such as drive RPM, depth, Vbat, flood detection, plane positions, and sub orientation. Actual HMI is a Saitek X52 joystick.

        As for progress, CAD is roughly 90% complete, software is 50%, construction is 25%. I have more photos/screengrabs I can post, I'll get them up here once I have the opportunity.



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          Most ambitious (is this your first foray into r/c submarine?). Looking forward to those pictures.

          The Horrible
          "... well, that takes care of Jorgenson's theory!"


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            Can't wait to see all that stuffed into a sub 50 inch model........incredible!


            PS Not that I understood it all in the first place................
            ''We're after men, and I wish to God I was with them........!''


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              Interesting...trying to do all that at once, think you will be putting out a lot of fires. I would break it down to a lot of small items that are tested and proven well beforehand.


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                Looks to be a dry-hull boat. You've calculated precise center of buoyancy with all components, allowing fudge factors for various operational environments? I see very little margin for error in your design. Ambitious, for sure.


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                  Been real busy, sorry for the delay. Uploaded some more screengrabs and photos. See here:
                  Admittedly some of these photos are not great - I'll try to take some better ones as the project progresses.

                  To answer some questions:
                  - yes, this is my first go at building a submarine. Not my first large, technical project however. I fully expect that there will be some unexepcted issues. Hopefully they are such that fixes can be done without any major hassle, but we'll see!
                  - testing is being done on a per-subsystem level. for example, the encoding system is working properly.
                  - Calculations have been done (and are being updated). From these, CG and CoB should line up within margin of trimming right at the center of the ballast (around the piston position in the CAD screengrabs), with CG below CoB.
                  - much of this is designed to be built with minimal machining time. many parts are 3D printed using carbon fiber PLA. epoxy sealants are used on parts that need to be waterproofed. Only difficult machining bit is the aluminum sealing discs (which contacts the O rings), which need to be waterjet.



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                    Here is something to consider- in practice you will want to open the sub up before and after, everytime you run it. Ease of access is as important as strong and sturdy.