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New Products from the Drydocks!

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  • New Products from the Drydocks!

    A few new offerings, ready for shipping!

    -1:72 scale Alfa kit in epoxy fiberglass. Includes hull, control surfaces, periscope caps, and drawings
    -1:72 scale Charlie I kit in epoxy fiberglass. Includes hull, control surfaces, periscope caps and drawings
    -Large Klik-On magnetic linkage connectors
    -Small Klik-On magnetic linkage connectors

    I've also added some mini blade fuse holders, lithium batteries, and Futaba Radios in 4, 6, and 9 channels
    Exceptional scale models, accessories and RC components with a focus on military, sci-fi and fantasy submarines.

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    1) About the Futaba radios especially the 9C - it's my understanding that what makes a 9C 72 or 75 MHz is the plug-in RF module on the back of the transmitter, I have a 9C now but it's on 50MHz (long time Ham radio operator). If I buy one of these radios - probably on 75MHz and plug in my 50MHz RF module I'm good to go on 50MHz- right?

    2) The 1/72 Alfa - Years ago when these kits for the Alfa first came out there was some discussion as to the correct shape of the bow, as I recall. I believe the molds were based on Deep Sea Designs - Greg Sharpe. The question is - are these hulls new runs from the old molds or are these runs from a new set of molds with the correct hull shape?

    Perspiring minds want to know,

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      Any idea what the buoyancy requirement is on the Charlie, 500ml enough? Both boats look very nice
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        Dan: I'm no radio expert, by any means, however I believe what you're proposing is correct. People more expert in these radios can feel free to chime in. The Alfa hull is not one of the original kits on the market. This one was mastered by Tim Cobb (active here on the forums) and he did an amazing job. If people are concerned about the overall shape, I could likely pull one and photograph it from the dead side to offer a profile shot.

        Albion: I haven't had the chance to build Charlie into a working boat, but my though is 500ml is going to be too small. These boats had a fairly high waterline. I'm guessing 1000ml is closer to what you'd be after.


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          Thanks for your response.

          1) I'll check further about the radio.

          2) Alfa project 705 Lyra:
          I realize that I'm probably being a real hard-ass here but for as long as I can remember ( at my age that's about 2 weeks) I've wanted to do an accurate, as possible, model of the Alfa. The earlier model versions, i.e., Thor 1/72 and Kachur 1/56 all had what I'll call a more "pointy" bow than what was discovered later to be a more real representation which is much more rounded, almost spherical - see the attached drawing. I've seen your youtube video on the Alfa and I can't quite tell what the bow shape is on this model. Just to be perfectly clear on this, my comments are NOT to be taken as a criticism of the earlier work - these fine modellers were using the best available drawings and pictures of the time.


          Click image for larger version

Name:	alfa bow sections top and side.jpg
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            Regards Gantu


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              Tim Cobb here on the Alfa and Charlie. Alfa I went by many different drawings,photos and models and tried to get the most accurate scale shape. As for the Charlie I never did making a running boat but Bob Eissler has one of my completed boats so he may know. Working on plugs now for a 1/72 Thresher and a 1/72 598 SSBN.