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Coming Soon Photo Etch for Revell Gato

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  • Coming Soon Photo Etch for Revell Gato

    Revell's Gato submarine is not an accurate depiction of the war machine. The model is the same as the submarine USS Cobi at the museum, but it was rebuilt after the war.
    These photo etches rectify that problem.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	gato 130.jpg
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ID:	103544Click image for larger version

Name:	gato 08.jpg
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Name:	0822112.jpg
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Name:	0819611.jpg
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Name:	01_strnka_107.jpg
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Name:	01_strnka_019.jpg
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ID:	103549
    Stop messing about - just get a Sub-driver!

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    Do you mean USS Cod museum? The bottom boat pictured does not have the bulwark fairlane, (hole in the nose) not a Gato class fleet sub. Deck layout of most fleet subs based on the Sargo class pressure hull layout, with compartmental access hatches ect in the same places on all 6 following class until the end of the war.the differences being, each succeeding class had a couple feet added in thr overall liength, mostly in thr engine room area. Tambor class added 8 ft to accomidate additional Dino. Gato class added additional 3 ft fwd of the control room for Sonar room, Balleo class remained the same 311 LOA. The other classes, were small, Marlin,Mackral were 250ft, but had the bullnose,were training boats, Gar class were 250ft fleet boats USS Greyback, being one, that went on to being the first missile launching sub, then eventually NSW delivery buss, then target.. The brass decks basically open up the between planks area for water passage, good thing to have on an RC sub, no trapped air bubbles to pull the magnets apart on diving. No mention of the side plates with different limber arrangement, will they be available as well?


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      Figured out the mystery fleet boat with the covered bull nose in the bottom picture, is the USS Triton SS 201. unique mod for that boat only, Tambor class fleet sub, built in 39. The decks are proper for that boat as well as Gato/Baleo class, same pressure hull, same access hatches etc.
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