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Forum proposal

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  • Forum proposal

    Hi Bob,

    Just a proposal from my side
    the forum contains a lot of pictures of the real subs which is great.

    However, all those pictures are scattered all over the forum, several treads contain pictures, most of them off topic so they are very hard to find.
    As an example: I posted pictures of the ECHO II in a topic November class, a month from now few people will remember these pictures are there.

    Is it not possible to create a new forum topic “Pictures of real subs” subdivided into the different countries with are subdivided into the sub classes so people can post pictures in a structured manner?

    I think that will add value to the forum, and is a time saver for those people who are posting them. I will also help to keep the server space under control.

    I don’t know how all this stuff works, or how much work is needed to get it done, but if it’s implicate you need some volunteers to moderate that all the stuff is kept nice and tidy I think that will not be a problem (you have already one).

    I think this forum is the best out there for RC subs, people are helping each other out and share information, it is pure gold you have here (and I’m not buttsharking here) I think the above will bring the forum to a new level.

    we have a saying in Belgium, “No you’ve got, yes, you can get”
    It means, the answer to any unasked question is bound to be no; but if you actually ask the question, well, the answer might be no, but it might also be yes.

    Practical wisdom is only to be learned in the school of experience.
    "Samuel Smiles"

  • #2
    A great idea Bart - although I am now unable to get "buttsharking" out of my head, even though I have no idea what it means.


    • #3
      That is an epic suggestion, Bart. My mind, however, reels at the amount of work that would be involved in skimming all of the forums, extracting photos, setting up new forums and then new sub-threads, and then populating them with the photos.

      Certainly not the job for a single person (at least like me with limited time to dedicate to such an endeavor).

      If we could divide and conquer, it might be doable. We'd need, perhaps a handful of people to make this happen. That, or one very dedicated individual who'd be willing to make it happen.

      Hell, this sounds like a job for some high school kid who needs a few extra bucks.



      • #4
        Don't think you need to do it retroactive, as you said that will be a time-consuming job. Just to provide a platform and the library will fill itself as time goes by.

        If there are volunteers, with specific sub type knowledge (for example I can’t categories US sub but I’m know my Russians), they can hunt the forum for pictures if they feel to, no obligations.

        Ok the seed is planted I will lean back and watch it grow, If my assistance is needed I will be here.

        Practical wisdom is only to be learned in the school of experience.
        "Samuel Smiles"


        • #5
          Alrighty ladies and gents!

          I just finished creating a new forum called REAL SUBMARINE PHOTOS. Under that main forum are several sub-forums broken down by the country. If I forgot a major one that we should have, just let me know and I'll create a new sub-forum likety-split.

          Looking forward to seeing some great reference material posted up in there!


          • #6

            This idea is great but I realize that you're very busy with other "things". Question - does an ordinary slug like me have the capability/authority to create folders or subfolders? I'm asking because it may be even more useful if we can break down the various country's subs by type into subfolders.

            And yes, I'd be willing to help as time permits.

            Born in Detroit - where the weak are killed and eaten.


            • #7
              Things grow darn quickly over there….thks Bob.

              Practical wisdom is only to be learned in the school of experience.
              "Samuel Smiles"


              • #8

                No, no slugs allowed behind the curtain. ;)