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  • Old tools

    I am a bit of a sentimental horder I guess and hate too throw anything away.
    I have a few plugs for molds I have not finished and a couple of old molds which have developed big blisters in the gel coat and some dishing in some flat panels resulting in in unacceptable pulls from tool.
    The masters for the tools have be long discarded as they did not survive the molding process.
    Does it make any sense too hang onto these tools or unfinished projects?
    There has been no interest in the subject matter when not many want too build from raw castings.
    My problem is when they are gone too the dump they are gone.
    I need too get rid of stuff and most is too big or heavy too ship (hard she'll glass molds) so I guess the best thing is just too bite the bullet and.let it /go.
    3 foot proteus molds, 3 foot icarus plug, 3 foot super car plug ,3 foot stingrays plug.
    The plugs are mostly a wood fifiber Styrofoam and Bondo construction.
    So my question is just do it and move on ? There is no room for useless crap in our short lives, they are not family heirlooms just plae representations of or past efforts that get lost in the sands of time.
    Last edited by Rick Teskey; 05-26-2018, 08:56 AM.

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    Your post, particularly the last part, struck a cord, pal. This crap is our life work; a representation, in the physical state, of our passion for both the subject matter and the Craft employed to achieve these little pieces of real-life -- this stuff was not pooped out the ass-end of a robot; it was hand-crafted. By skilled hands. You know how rare that is today, Rick?!

    I might take that SUPERCAR master off your hands. Let's see some pictures! I even sculpted a Mike Mercury bust once apon a time:

    Try posting this stuff up on e-bay -- customer pays for shipping and packaging. If that does not work, then its a long, tearful trip to the city-dump for you, my friend.

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