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Hitec received problem

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  • Hitec received problem

    The Hitec receiver in my Marlin decided it does not want to work when itís about 80 feet from the transmitter. I did all the troubleshooting that can be done to narrow it down to the receiver. I have a second receiver which will be used in the Skipjack Iím working on which works fine. Tony at Radio South said he does not have the parts to fix mine. He said buy a new or used one as a replacement. Even if I get a replacement it will probably be one from 72Mhz. Wouldnít it have to be tuned for 75Mhz? Any alternatives for a 75Mhz 6 channel receiver?

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    You're in luck. Bob sells the excellent 6-channel SubTech receiver that's on the 75mHz band. Here:

    I have three boats I'm bringing to this weeks get-together at the sub-base with this receiver. Good product!

    Before you give up on that receiver, change the BEC (or use the one in the ESC). See if that helps.

    "... well, that takes care of Jorgenson's theory!"


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      With receiver out of the model soldered the antennae back on and used a battery pack. Used nothing else that was in the model. Also swapped out the crystals. Will look at what Bob has. Thanks!


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        Ken, I lost your email, so I'll post up here what I can do:

        Does it need to be a dual conversion Rx? A single conversion Rx will
        work just fine. However, if you want a dual conversion Rx
        then we have the R148DF or R168DF, but they are mini, not micro Rxs. I
        would need the radio system in hand to tune the Tx to the Rx since it is
        not a Futaba. Hitec radios are a bit different to tune and I do not
        stock any Hitec crystals. Depending upon the series of transmitter a
        Futaba crystal can be made to work.


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          Thanks Bob, I'll give the Subtech receiver a try.

          Two questions...
          1) Can I use the crystal from the Hitec dual conversion receiver in the Subtec receiver?
          2) If question #1 is no, can I use a Futaba short crystal in the Subtec receiver?
          This Futaba crystal...

          I'd be looking for a crystal FM, CH77 which is 75.730

          Some technical reading between single and dual conversion...
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            The answer to #1 is No. The Subtech Rx is a single conversion Rx. It
            will not function.

            The answer to #2 is maybe. Each Rx must be properly tuned. Single
            conversion Rxs are much more finicky about band centering than their
            more flexible dual conversion cousins.

            If you can send the Tx & Rx crystal you would like to use, we can try to tune a
            Subtech Rx to the frequency, but not guaranteed. If it doesn't work,
            there is no charge.


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              You wouldn't be adjusting the Tx at all, right? Only reason is the other working receiver I do have is DC. So I'll have the one Tx with a DC and the Subtect SC if you find out it works.


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                I popped you a PM in an effort to streamline communications.