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Bronco Type XXIII WTC Confusion Help

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  • Bronco Type XXIII WTC Confusion Help


    Like the title says. I am a little confused about the WTC for the Bronco 1/35 Type XXIII. The Caswell WTC is a "Standard 1/96 Sub Driver"? OR is it a modified one built extra by He who shall not be named? I would like to know which one because I see No mention in a lot of the articles of a plan to use, when they are released, torpedo system from He who shall not be named. Is there room in the sub? If the WTC is specific for the Bronco Hull, I can`t find it on the website. Can someone give me it`s size specs, length, dia. compartment sizes?



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    Good questions, George, and deserved of good answers.

    As I'm still working to find out what is going wrong with my version of this thing -- the much chronicled pitch-down issue -- I have not finalized the location within the hull nor the final configuration of the SD.

    However, if you are not worried about making room for a weapons system, the 'standard' 2.5" SD is the ticket.

    The current SD I'm using is a more compact design, that makes room for the two tubes up in the bow.

    So, you want to get an unarmed Type-23 into the water? Get the 2.5" standard SD, the Bronco Type-23 fittings kit, and all the expensive goodies needed to make the thing come alive.

    As Tom has recently demonstrated, the boat works fine in the drink.

    "... well, that takes care of Jorgenson's theory!"


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      Hello Again

      Thanks for the update about the WTC so if it`s to be toothless, the standard Sub Driver is the one BUT Like I want to be able to have this have teeth, your modified WTC is still giving you trouble, no size specs on it you can share?