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Im not a shy person

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  • Im not a shy person

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    You the guy on the bike or in the cage?

    "... well, that takes care of Jorgenson's theory!"


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      Rocky Horror Picture Show float in the Key West Fantisy Fest parade. I was Eddie. All I did was burnouts all nite, till the little gas tank ran dry. Ended up havin to buy a new tire as well. I built the bike from various parts, that I had assembled, completely myself. Except for having the motor bored and stroked and balanced, and the transmission, close ratio gears set up, by professional race shops. All the original, factory manufactured parts were modified by myself to make them work together as well as alot of fabrication of one off parts. I love my Boopsikle


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        So, How did you get into model submarines?


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          Started building models in the early 50s, with airplanes, stick and paper gliders,first and then the Gullows scale rubber band kits. When the plastic kits came out I went into the static scale detail mostly rather than flying. Then it was the cars and then ships. After I got out of the Navy I got my pilots license, the models shifted to rc flight types but soon faded as my money would go to actual flying. I had to give up flying when I had my first heart attack at 55. I decided to build a 1/48 scale Fletcher tin can since I have 60 ft of dock space in my back yard. Started building it from scratch using Navy drawings and old pictures. Worked on it for a year or so and then let it set. My son came home on leave from the Navy and while he was here began working on it again. He sugested that I build a 1/48 U Boat to compliment it. He showed me some pics of the 995 and that did it. Then he gave me a Silent HunterIII game and I started to build a static VIIC and befor long I wanted one that worked. Now I have 7 U boats and am contimplating a USN Fleet type. I think 1/24 scale to go with the Type II


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            Sounds like you've done a few laps around the block. Welcome.

            "... well, that takes care of Jorgenson's theory!"


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              Laps? Hell, I built the sidewalks, Kapt Dave Von Hilde