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Reckless - Darrin .. that new guy to harass you

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  • Reckless - Darrin .. that new guy to harass you

    alright figured I might as well

    first pic is when we first moved into this house .. and I actually got a real workshop

    about me if anyone cares... 32 at the end of january (29th) .. live in BC canada on beautiful vancouver Island... been wrecking/building/fixing stuff since I was about 6. got into RC (car racing) in the early 90's with a promotional RC10 (they weren't fully released yet) ... Raced until about 1995 at which point it was cheaper to go build and race a REAL car with the highschool drags. done Drag racing, Rally (staged and TSD), road course/autoX racing till about 2006 ish when I ran across a couple of my old RC boats. feeling nastalgic I looked into the cost to repower then and get them operational.. seen how cheap RC had gotten .. and jumped back in much to my Wifes bliss of me no longer doing silly things at silly speeds in our car(s)

    been in either fabrication/Mechanic for over 15years... small stint in security work, was never able to go into the military as while I was a cadet I destroyed my shoulder .. and since I can't do enough pushups to fix and drive trucks or boats for the military ;) ... also looking to completely change careers as my body has given me the big middle finger to being beat on the past 15+years ... pushed my arms and hands so far they shut right down, at work ofcourse... workers comp claim, etc etc etc.. boss freaked out made it all messy... in the end I came out of physical rehab with no job .. boo hoo.. moving right along.

    after a small hiatus from RC into airsoft (shoot my friends. and still have friends... and no pesky jail time) I've come back to RC .. jumping straight into Subs and propably going to make Dave's life hell
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    Bring it on!
    "... well, that takes care of Jorgenson's theory!"


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      ... some people would take that as a challenge...

      I hope soon to be making order for a lil bitty skipjack too... and eventually a Gato


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        Welcome Darrin! From your picture I can see that you have been into model ships. We have a forum section for that. "Targets" and also "Race Boats". Youll notice that I have posted quite a lot of stuff on "Race Boats" and plan to continue. At any rate , Welcome!


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          OH My! I can see that you and Dave will create many lively discussions that the "Grim Sweeper" will be obliged to remove. In the south a oft told joke went: Where I come from thems fighten words. To that the other fellow replied: Then why don't you fight then?!!! To that are hero replied , quite appropriately: Cus I ain't where I come from.:wink:
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            heh... yeah I've been all surface stuff to this point (although a couple sub surface.. but they weren't intended! ) .. mostly scale WW2 and workboat .. but I do have a pair of fast movers .. proboat Mini C's .. one basically bone stock... the other will be the experimental toy.

            I'll throw up some stuff in the target area soon once I get some more stuff done I've currently got on the go in various stages:

            - 1/144 IJN mogami cruiser/Carrier conversion
            - 1/24 PT boat (proboat 109 being messed with internally and externally)
            - 1/72 Snowberry (had it in the box for 2 years, finally started it a couple weeks ago)
            - 1/144 Gato .. which is indefinately shelved for the time being until either a SD and fittings kit comes out for it... or I get brave enough to do a really simple dynamic diver with some hacked servo's in a box inside it

            - 2x Mini C's

            have a 1/72 Type VII nearly completed with all the caswell goodies in the mail as we speak

            next purchases (hopefully soon) .. will be a 1/230 skipjack caswell package .. and a south hampton RTR tug to hack/bash for retrieval/competition .. and ofcourse just fun on the water shoving/towing a barge or freighter around


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              Oh well then I see that you are busier than I am. Keep us up to date.


              • #8
                yes and no... the RC portion of the corvette is done, it's all detail and paint now...

                the PT is my dual function boat... its getting an overhaul of sorts.. proper universals to the shafts, rewired to dual ESC's, slight mods to the rudders so the water cool actually works, and new metal counter rotating props. when it came out of the water it was running 4x 7.2 5000 mah packs ... it'll be stepped up to 4x 8.4 5000 mah packs. it does the scale thing nicely ... but stand on the throttle and she comes right up on plane and takes off .. and that was on the 7.2 packs... can't wait to see what new props and 8.4's do

                it's mixed and has a dual rate setup on my 2.4 radio ... exterior wise she's getting a slight remodel to Grey(s) and NOT the 109 .. might do a camo pattern haven't decided.. and some better scale pieces.

                the 2 1/144's the mogami and the gato are more long term backburner stuff .. the Mog is gonna need a crap load of detail work .. and the Gato I'm sorta stalling to see if a SD and fittings kit comes out for it.


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                  Cool! Keep in mind that a 2.4 GHZ radio wont work on a sub if your going to dive it. A little FYI in case you wernt aware.


                  • #10
                    yup ... bout the only thing(s) I have to buy for the sub due to the deal I bought, is a Transmitter(75mhz, SL8 is already in the SD) , paint... built some pushrods, some foam/weight and finish/make sure it works like it should :D

                    and my Sub hit customs today :D :D :D :D :D ... so.. I SHOULD see it tuesday ... WAHOO!


                    • #11
                      Get the WFly-8, a user friendly computer radio. And you'll love the end-point, servo-reverse, and switch-stick assignment options!

                      Buy from Caswell or suffer my wrath!

                      "... well, that takes care of Jorgenson's theory!"


                      • #12
                        I recently bought the WFly 8 Ch and yes, he speaketh the truth
                        If you can cut, drill, saw, hit things and swear a lot, you're well on the way to building a working model sub.


                        • #13
                          I'll probably get a 6 for now, and a 8 later on, as I intend atleast a skipjack soon and hopefully a gato later and I don't mind having multiple radio's .. I like to have atleast 2 boats on diff radio's at the lake

                          ... but yes a Wfly either way is on the menu