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Receiver antenna

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  • Receiver antenna

    I have recently finished the Krick model of U-96 - but that's another story... Here in the UK the old 27MHz kit seems well suited to submarines, but I have a problem. My Tx/Rx combination has a reasonable range in free air, indeed many years ago I used it in my model sailplanes, but is down to about 10 metres now installed in U-96, on the surface; I dare not try diving as I fear it would be a one-way trip to the bottom. I have had a trawl of the internet, but have found next to nothing on the best arrangement for placing the Rx antenna. Given that this is only about a 1 metre length of wire there aren't many options, and I have simply trailed it as high as possible around the wtc.
    I would be interested in any observations and suggestions as to where I've gone wrong.

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    Is any portion of the antenna conductor shorting out to the water? Do you have the same limited range on land as in water -- that would be your big clue.

    Get back to us after you do the above checks.

    "... well, that takes care of Jorgenson's theory!"


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      Thanks for the response. I shall do some checking, wet and dry. I was assuming the kit was as before, and that installing in this boat was the culprit. I have never found any info as to the best and worst ways of dealing with the 'antenna' a.k.a. longish piece of wire. I suspect that the design of this model may have some effect; the receiver is in an ABS 'box', with a perspex cover. On top of this is more ABS for the flood tank, with grey paint, and then the outer hull - more ABS and grey metallic paint. I wonder if I have inadvertantly created a 'stealth' sub that absorbs RF?


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        I think that grey Metallic paint can be a issue, the metal particals inside the paint can shield off the incoming signal ( think cage of faraday), as for your antenna, i always glue down the end when it is placed outside the WTC, so water can't enter into the cable, David mentioned this as shorting out to the water.

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