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Signal Interference between Servos

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    Originally posted by QuarterMaster View Post
    I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest it may be caused by power spikes w/the ADF2 on that particular channel.

    When the ADF2 is actively working it may be causing "spiking" on the system as it needs power, as the servo it's connected to adds to it as well. Thereby creating more load on THAT channel.
    So a "Glitch Buster" might be the answer. They act as "storage" to even out the voltage throughout the VCC distributed by the RCVR as different components are being utilized.

    I used them on ALL my old 75Mhz Rcver's

    You can build it yourself for pennies:
    How to Make Your Own Rc Car Recever Glitch Buster for $1

    Or purchase one:
    Novak 5626 Glitch Buster Capacitor

    I made my own for my Teskey PROTEUS WTC (WIP). Went with a 2200uf 6.3V Electrolytic Cap (Mfr P/N ECA-0JM222) after I found out what was actually being used in the NOVAK .

    I plug it in the old RX Battery Port since I get power from my ESC's. If that's not available either any unused channel, OR piggy back it onto a servo connector.

    Here it is in the closed Water Tight Compartment:
    Click image for larger version Name:	GB01.jpg Views:	1 Size:	493.1 KB ID:	122919

    As you can see from this earlier picture of the WTC partially assembled, it is quite congested already in order to have all the functions I wanted.
    With all that going on, a "Glitch Buster" was warranted.
    Click image for larger version Name:	GB02.jpg Views:	1 Size:	447.2 KB ID:	122920

    The point being here it's a relatively inexpensive solution to try.

    Give us feedback regardless if it helps if you do.

    "Sub" Ed
    I tried it. It did not help. The Ferrite Ring fixed it. Thank you very much to your suggestion. I appreciate every one's support.


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      Originally posted by cliffhanger67 View Post

      I tried it. It did not help. The Ferrite Ring fixed it. Thank you very much to your suggestion. I appreciate every one's support.
      Awesomesauce! Got a Part number/Source for that ferrite ring? Want it for the "tips-n-tricks toolbox".

      FWIW, after final assembly and functional testing , I had so many radio issues, I decided to abandon the old "Sub Tech Nautical Commander" and I am now going with the spare RX I had for my Robbe F14. I had converted it to 2.4Ghz, but now I actually modified the radio to use both frequencies by a flip of the switch.

      Soon I will have a sequel video coming out to my original 2.4Ghz conversion sowing that (Graupner Robbe NAVY F-14 TX 2.4ghz conversion using Corona 2.4Ghz DIY Module & RX (DSSS) )

      "Sub" Ed
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      NEVER underestimate the power of a Sailor who served aboard a submarine.


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        Bought the Ferrite ring from Amazon ordered as follows: "Uxcell a 12122000u x 0098 10 pc 18 mm x 5mm yellow white Iron Core Power". I.D. is 8mm to allow entry of the terminals with 3 coiled loops. Well, I do not need 10 pieces. I can spare a few. Contact me.
        As for your 2.4 Ghz conversion, it's not for underwater use, right?
        I am beginning to get signal issues now running my boats in usual spots I have been using. It seems the frequencies we use are not "clean" anymore. Boat has erratic signal reception.


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          You know.. I've been having the same issue here near my home with erratic signal reception. Been a couple of boats I've had this issue with now.

          Is there a module or sensor out there that can read background noise on certain frequencies so we can check prior to running our boats?