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Refit of Teskey Seaview-need help

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    Apologies for the delay. I'm out of town on business until the 16th, but duck in here as often as I can (usually at 4am with a nice, hot cup of coffee in hand).

    SLA batteries are fine in the wet. If you have the room, they really do simplify a lot in terms of engineering. Based on what I can see in the photo, you have tons of room to work with. Just tack on a waterproof connector (I've got some good ones here I can offer) and seal up the connections with some silicone. There are quite a few different configurations, shapes, sizes of SLA batteries. Of course, you'd need to swap out the motor in your cylinder as well, so you'd need to weigh out the pain of doing that versus the pain of building a cylinder (and adding the appropriate maintenance and risk of leakage)

    If not, LiPo's and water do not mix. I'd recommend a small cylinder to keep it dry. I have some endcaps and sections of lexan that could be rigged up to form a small battery compartment. If you want to go that route, and you can give me the dimensions you have to work with, I can quote you a complete battery system with LiPo battery, battery compartment, remote switch on keyfob, and waterproof connector.


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      No worries Bob! You’re traveling. I did purchase those water proof connectors that you recommended. They are the two prong type. I did measure from the front of where the WTC fits towards the bow, and I have about 6 1/4 inches to go with length, and up to 3 inches in diameter. I think the way to go is the WTC for Lipo batteries. I think it will be better in the long run. When you have time Bob, send me a quote. Thanks again for all of your help! I hope the rest of your trip goes well!


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        Hi Michael, if you are using lipo battery's, it would be good to check your ESC can handle the lipo. It is not good practice to use lipo's on the older style ESC's.


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          Thanks! I will definitely have to check that out.


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            I did, and will have to replace the speed controller with a brushed speed controller since I am running the dual graupner 400 speed 7.2 volts. I know that you can't use a speed controller that is set for brushless motors. It would seem that the Mtroniks sub 10, or the mtroniks viper 15 might do the trick?
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