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    need info on the battery eliminator circuit for gato. What's it's for, how is it hooked up. need help

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    In the old days, when I did off-road RC, we had two sets of batteries,9.6v or 12v for motor and 4.8volt for RX. A BEC does just what the name implies, eliminates a battery. The 4.8v for the RX and servos is not needed. The main power supply gets stepped down or regulated from 11.1v or 9.6v to 5v needed for RX and servos, Leveller, etc.
    how it is installed is in the instructions, but you tie into the main power, and connect the other end to yor RX.

    some ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) will come with a BEC built in. However, some of the subs will draw more than the 1.5 Amp rating causing over heating, world disruption, and nuclear melt downs (maybe not all that, but strange things can happen). So an additional BEC is installed that can handle 5 amps of draw. When this is done, if your ESC does have a BEC, it needs to be disabled.
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      Excellent explanation by Tom

      to disable the BEC on your ESC, (if your ESC has one), remove the red wire that goes from the ESC to the Receiver (RX). Just remove it at the plug end and heat shrink over the metal pin. To get the disconnected red wire out of the way fold this red wire end back over the other two insualted wires from the ESC and heat shrink them together.

      The separate BEC device, sometimes also called a Voltage Regulator (VR) takes input power from you battery. So positive from battery to positive input on the BEC, and negative from battery to negative input on BEC. The BEC's output should resemble a plug that goes into a receiver slot. The output (5v) goes into either a battery slot on the RX or any spare channel slot you wish. The BEC plug to the RX of course only has 2 wires (positive and negative), take care to make sure you orientate the plug correctly in the RX slot.

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