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Servo Not Responding to ADF2

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  • Servo Not Responding to ADF2

    Hi Kevin,

    I have an ADF2 that will not drive my pitch control servo. Here is a summary of my configuration:
    Tx: Hitec Laser 6, 75MHz
    Rx: GWS R6N II
    Pitch Servo: Futaba S3114
    ADF2 Pitch Signal Lead is plugged into Rx Channel 2
    Pitch Servo is plugged into Pitch Output Connector
    Ballast F/S Signal Lead is not being used
    Ballast F/S Output connector is vacant

    I have verfied that the Tx, Rx and servo work as expected when the servo is plugged directly into the Rx. However, with the ADF2 installed the servo will not respond to commands from the Tx or to changes in ADF2 pitch. I have repeated the setup process several times.

    Here is what the onboard LEDs are doing:
    With the Tx powered on, applying power to the Rx results in (1) red flash followed by (2) green flashes. Also, the servo moves several degrees in the - direction. If I power cycle the Rx a sufficient number of times it will eventually be driven to its maximum - position.
    When the ADF2 is level the green LED lights. It goes out if I pitch the ADF2.
    If I move the Tx channel stick to extreme + or extreme - positions the green LED will light (if it is not already on indicating "level").

    Any help is appreciated. I've searched the forum and have found others having problems that are similar, but their symptoms are not identical.


    Kevin W.

  • #2
    Hi Kevin,

    You may search high and low, but your symptom is definitely unique. It sounds like an output has packed it in. (In more than 5 years of this game this is the first time that's ever happened.) Please PM me your mailing address.
    Kevin McLeod - Oscar II driver
    KMc Designs


    • #3
      Hi Kevin,

      I received the replacement ADF2b that you sent. I'm happy to report that in bench tests it is performing as expected. I put the ADF2a in the mail to you yesterday, so you should see that soon. After you've had a chance to do a postmortem I'd be interested in hearing your findings.

      Thanks for your help!


      • #4
        Thanks Kevin, I'll let you know what I find.
        Kevin McLeod - Oscar II driver
        KMc Designs


        • #5
          Hi Kevin,

          ADF2 arrived late last week, got into debugging today. As suspected the output pin on the main processor was dead. Never seen it before, but there's a first time for everything.
          Kevin McLeod - Oscar II driver
          KMc Designs