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WTT or sell Sub and PT Boat models towards Engel Gato

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  • WTT or sell Sub and PT Boat models towards Engel Gato

    My love for model subs has returned after many years and now that l have Bob Martin refitting an older Deboer Skipjack for me, l've decided that l'd like to get the one boat that l've been wanting since l was a teen, but could never afford which is a WWII USN Gato class fleet submarine.

    Back in 1983 when l first saw one of these in an issue of Scale Ship Modeler they were pretty expensive and most of them were home built since 32nd Parallell didnt offer their Balao built till much later and being in school, l couldnt afford the old Engel USS Darter kit.

    Anyway, now that lve already bored you with my life story, after seeing a few videos lately the old itch has come back and lve decided to see if l can trade or sell a couple of kits that l have to use towards one of the newer Engel Gato kits.

    To start, l only need the basic hull, deck, conning tower, and drivetrain kit that Engel offers since l'll be using a different wtc for it than the Engel system.

    What l have to trade are 3 different kits....

    1. Arkmodel 1/48 scale Type VII U Boat kit......this kit also comes with a brass wintergarten railing for the conning tower and a 3D printed brass 88mm deck gun that l bought from Shapeways....l did put the hull together with the provided screws to get an idea of the size of boat and l also put the conning tower together with tape but the entire kit is still pretty much mint.

    2. Revell 1/72 scale U-505 U Boat.....this model is mint and from what l can tell, is hard to find now that its been discontinued.

    3. Italeri 1/35 PT-596 PT Boat model....model is mint.

    l'll try to post pics over the next couple of days.

    For now, ld like to try trading for an Engel Gato kit but if need be, l'll sell these kits at a later date as soon as l can figure out what price l would want for them.

    By the way everyone, if any of ya'll are interested in any of my kits, contact me for pics.
    Just so ya'll know, the U-505 kit was bought open box from Amazon years ago and was delivered with damage to the box. The kit itself is fine although the previous owner did glue the stand together before he decided to ship it back to Amazon.

    ***** Would also be interested in a Type VII U Boat hull kit as well since this is another boat I'd eventually like to have and there seems to be more of these lying around than the Gatos.****
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    You said you'd also be interested in a Type VII uboat kit, but you're offering two for sale that you already have? Or are you talking about the Engel Type VII?

    I've got one of those in storage at my shop, but it includes all the innards. Not interested in separating out the running gear (what would I do with it?), but if you're interested, it's there...



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      All models posted on Ebay
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        Revell U Boat sold.
        Arkmodel U Boat and Italeri PT Boat back up for sale or trade.

        Lowered Price On U Boat - $399 plus shipping
        PT Boat $125 plus shipping

        Would still prefer to trade for an engel gato, but ld also be willing to trade both models for a large scale PT Boat like the proboat or Dumas 48" PT 109.
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          Okay, obviously no interest.
          Can close this thread.