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Pogo pins

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  • Pogo pins

    Not sure if this has been covered on this forum, anyway...
    If you have a surface boat you probably have a superstructure that you take on and off to get to the interior. If you have lights, radar or something else in the SS then you might have wires and a plug you have to deal with when you remove the SS, which could be a pain in the ass. In short Pogo pins are spring loaded electrical contacts. On my Miss Belmar I used Pogo pins so I have a wireless connection between the hull and cabin, see pictures. In my case I can etch my own circuit boards, so my receiving end is located on the underside of the cabin and the Pogo pins mounted in the hull. You can probably come up with another way to have a contact board for the pins on the receiving side. Not sure if this can be used in a submarine or not, doubtful, but maybe you can use it in something else.

    What are Pogo pins:
    Sampling of what is out there:

    Pogo pins mounted in the hull. The screws allow me to adjust the pins up and down and left and right for optimal contact.

    Contact board on the underside of the cabin. I can adjust this board left and right.

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    Thanks for the information. Never new these existed.
    If used in water the spring might corrode. If the spring
    was plated or corrosion resistant material?


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      They seem to be gold plated, not sure what the internal spring is made of. I have not tried them exposed to water. Maybe after a while they would need to be replaced after a season or two if used in water. Working in a surface boat they would last indefinitely.


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        Maybe you could put them on the inside of the WTC with the corresponding contacts on face of the endcaps.
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