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32nd scale functional electric torpedos - finally!

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  • 32nd scale functional electric torpedos - finally!

    Well, after much pulling out of hair, grinding of teeth and numerous colorful dialogues between myself and the contents of my workbench, I am very happy to say that I've successfully built and tested a trio of 32nd scale electric torpedoes for my Type VII project.

    The bodies were 3D printed. Electronic timers were sourced with a 6 second on state. Trigger is a NO reed switch. Power comes from a 1s LiPo.

    During testing, the weapons ran straight and true despite no counter active fins to offset the propeller torque. Speed is just about right in my opinion and the video above shows slightly slower footage underwater and normal time on the surface so you can see for yourself. Battery life is really exceptional and I'm guessing you could do a day at the pond without need for recharge (after all, you're only doing 6 seconds of run time per launch!).

    Loading should be able to be accomplished with the boat still buttoned up and likely even still in the water if I am guessing correctly, making for the possibility of a lot of successive launches in a very short period of time.

    The R/C boat has twin forward tubes and one aft. She'll be armed for bear!

    I should have a final video of the finished boat with weapons operational very soon.

    For now, enjoy!

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    Nice work, made mine a few years ago, i wonder where you got that timer circuit, what are the dimensions of that timer? , my torps are build 1:35 scale, so i'm limited in space.

    Fertig zum unterwasser.


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      I will be building some for the 1/16th type A, some time in the future. The 1/19th Ha19 could get a working system, easy to add later. Would like a gas low pressure launch, with a Mercury switch to activate the brushless motor. Run times would have to be restricted. Don't want to go chase a torpedo down the canal. 20 to 30 feet is good. Thought about the air powered, but not jet drive. Air blows turbine, on a prop shaft. Bleed air out the hollow prop shaft, will add some thrust and bubbles. Torpedoes neutral buoyant. Props will add to the stability even if they were free rotating, and jet drive only, as well. It will take some research and experimental development. Not just right away. I will sit back and see how things go.


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        OK, here's an idea, for torpedo power. Wind up spring toy motor. There making them real small these days. The little pull back Hot Wheels cars motors would fit in larger scale torpedoes. Wind em up by the prop.


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          I stumbled upon these some time back


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            Right on Bart, I tagged that site. Just need a capacitor that discharges slow 3v zap for 5 or 10 seconds. I suppose a 1.5v alkaline would turn the props at a realistic speed, but unless you use a worn out battery, it might go further than you like.. Balast for the torpedo.


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              A capacitor is the way to go, and can be used in a sealed chamber, with just the smallest charging tabs on the outside of the casing, or even a induction loop wires!
              At any Wal-Mart they now have itty bitty RC cars...about 3 inches long...this includes the battery, motor, and rc system...could be scavenged for sub control use.
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                HATS OFF TO SUB-HUMAN ...truly a amazing piece of craftsmanship and design. The fact that these things run true over a fairly long patch of water is amazing!!
                Soon Mr. Caswell will come knocking at your door

                A man of true Frankenstinean proportions!!